Mystery box - random pack of goodies- original art

Mystery box - random pack of goodies- original art

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Mystery package ( The artist's choice )

To make sure you enjoy each items you will get , you got 3 Styles to choose from! Trash pack, sea pack and forest pack. 

Pack of 7 random items Include :

- 3 random patches

- 1 linocut handmade print

- 3 stickers

  • * Patches Screenprinted on black coton canvas
  • * Original artwork by Akira Auger - Screen printing by Tommy Gee
  • * Processing time 2-5 days


Shipping :

Most of my products fits into an envelope, so i can easily ship it quick and cheap with stamps! This does not include any tracking but feel free to contact me for any upgraded shipment you would like. I am easy to reach and quick to find solutions if there are any issues with your order.

Canada: 1- 3 weeks

USA : 2 - 4 weeks

International: 2 - 6 weeks